General Terms and Conditions

I give permission for me/my child to participate in aquatic activity.  I/My child am/is in good health and physical condition, and am/is not suffering from any condition that would prevent me/my child from engaging in this activity.  Photographs and video may be taken in conjunction with lessons.  I understand and agree that they may be used for informational and advertising purposes.  Payments are at registration. I have acknowledged the payment policy and understand there are NO REFUNDS.

Please read carefully and be aware that in registering your minor child for participation in this program, you will be waiving and releasing all claims for injuries you or your child might sustain as a result of participation in any class or activity conducted by Swim4Survival, its agents and employees.  As a parent/guardian of a participant or as a participant in the instructor training in Swim4Survival, I recognize and acknowledge that there are certain risks associated.  I agree to assume full responsibility of any injuries, property damage, or loss, which I, or my minor child, may sustain as a result of participating in any and all activities connected with or associated with Swim4Survival.  I agree to indemnify and hold Swim4Survival harmless from any liability resulting from the use of premises and waive and relinquish all claims against Swim4Survival facility and the owners that I or my minor child may sustain as a result of participating in any Swim4Survival program.  I have read and fully understand the above waiver and release of all claims, and it shall not be modified orally.

I have acknowledged the payment policy and understand there are NO REFUNDS for the 20 lessons or for the instructor training program I have registered for. I agree to not give lessons within a 20km proximity of where Swim4Survival is hosting lessons unless otherwise approved or agreed upon by Swim4Survival. Transfer to ABNAMRO bank account number: KM BOS NL31ABNA0571301290. Please include your child/children’s name, and the dates(s) of the lesson(s). Thank you.

Call Outs: If your child cannot be at their lesson, a 4-hour notice is required before the start of the lesson. Pool time is being rented and as a result, there is limited flexibility in making up a lesson. Makeup lessons can only be done during another time slot. Maximaal 1 lesson unless you have a Dr’s note stating that your child cannot swim or you’ve discussed it with Swim4Survival.

Makeup Lessons: If you called out in the allotted time period, you have until your next lesson to reschedule with Swim4Survival’s approval.

Missed Lessons (no shows): If you do not call and do not show up for your lesson, the lesson is considered a no-show. This lesson cannot be made up.