How do I sign up/Schedule/Prices?

A standard survival course consists of a class 4 days a week for approximately 10 minutes for 5 consecutive weeks: 20 lessons or 5 days a week for approximately 10 minutes for 4 consecutive weeks: 20 lessons. Price: €660. An intensive course for children 3 years and older consists of classes 4 days a week for approximately 20 minutes for 3 weeks: 12 lessons. Price: €720

A time slot spot is reserved when payment is made (KM BOS IBAN: NL22INGB0006080263), and the registration form must be filled out online before the start of the course. I need at least 4 kids to start a course. 

Lessons are held at Mercatorplaza (in the am sessions in a special therapy pool where the water temperature is always 91F/33C, in the afternoon sessions the lessons take place in the instruction pool (if your child is under 3 years old and smaller then 85cm) where the water is always 88F/31C or in the competition pool (if your child is older then 3 or taller then 85cm) where the water is alwasy 81F/27 degrees C). Timeslots available every 10 minutes between 7:40-9am, 4 days a week (M-Th), for 5 weeks or between 15.20-18.00, 5 days a week for 3 weeks (afternoon hours only available in combination with an intensive course).  

2019 3 week intensive course dates: private lesson, 3 years or older, Monday-Thursday lesson times between 15.20-18.00: February 25th-March 15th, May 6th-24th, September 30th-October 18th

2019 standard course dates: private lesson, any age, Monday-Thursday lesson times between 7.40-9.00: March 11th-April 12th, September 2nd-October 3rd, November 4th-December 5th                  

I realize that this is a huge commitment to make, but after 4-6 weeks your child has the tools needed to help save his/her's life. For some children it may take 5/6 weeks instead of 4/5 weeks to learn these skills, every child learns at a different rate. (€33/lesson)

If your child is sick (4 hours in advance notice must be given, or the night before for early lessons) then the first lesson may be rescheduled for free, after this it will be considered a missed lesson and will have to be made up at the rate of €33/lesson.

There is also a possibility for a child to do an intensive course which means they would do 2 lessons/day (morning and afternoon) for 2-2-1/2 weeks. I would need a minimum of 5 children/hour in order to do this. Price is the same €660