About Me

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My name is Kara Bos and I'm from the US and moved to Amsterdam in 2009. My husband is Dutch, and we have a son Alexander and a daughter Olivia. I speak Dutch fluently, and English is of course my native language. I have a Bachelors Degree in Marketing and have worked in Pharmaceutical sales for different Pharmaceutical companies over the last 5 years, and before that I was working in sales for Nestle and Eska Graphic Board. I've always been a very career driven person, but after having my first child, my focus changed and I realized that I wanted to have more time with my children and be the one to raise them. I no longer wanted to work full-time and miss out on seeing my children grow up. After a couple of months staying at home with my first child, I came up with this idea via Amsterdam Mama's on Facebook.

There were a lot of questions and desires to take a course here in Amsterdam, without any possibility. In America these classes have been offered for over 40 years and with this country being surrounded by water, it surprised me that there wasn't any such course available here. After doing some research I decided to train to be an instructor and start giving lessons. I have a passion for water, I was/am an avid surfer when I lived in Virginia Beach, America and whenever we travel and there is a possibility to be in the ocean I'm in it! Given this passion for water and being able to share and teach babies how to safely enjoy being in the water made it the perfect mix! I trained/studied and received my certificate from Joy McGinty of SouthWest Aquatics/PediaSwim Academy. My training included over 100 hours of pool instruction including child psychology and physiology. I was also licensed in CPR and First Aid during my training. I've entrusted my own children (son 11 months old, and my daughter 14 months) with these lessons as you can see in the videos, that's how much I believe in this program! I'm now (2021) Co founder and fellow owner of Children of The Water Amsterdam. 

I look forward to meeting you in the water!!