Written testimonials

Emily Buttes (mother of Eisley, 21 months old): "One week after our 21 month old daughter completed the course, she was standing next to a public pool at a park with her grandmother. Her grandmother turned to set some items down and when she turned back she saw our daughter fall into the pool. Before she could even react, she watched our daughter hit the water, and flip over onto her back in the floating position, just as she'd been taught in the course. The training works and it likely saved our daughter's life. We cannot recommend Swim for Survival high enough."
- Ryan and Emily 

Katie Zaniboni (Skotia's mother, 2 years old): "My husband and I have seen the videos posted on youtube of infants and toddlers floating on their backs after being thrown into a pool.  But it wasn't until we saw a similar video posted on Facebook of a child we knew in Amsterdam when we decided to look into a class for our 27 month old daughter Skotia.  I come from Massachusetts in the USA and grew up around water.  I learned how to swim at a young age and was sailing by the age of 7.  When I look around our neighborhood in Amsterdam, I realize that we are surrounded by water even more than when I was a child and the risk of drowning may actually be greater than I wish to think about.  So, we decided to sign Skotia up for the Swim4Survival class offered by Kara Bos in Amsterdam.  The class involves intensive 10 minute private lessons, Monday through Friday for four weeks.  Although this is a large commitment of time and energy, we were amazed at how Skotia followed instructions, gained confidence in her own ability and practically jumped into the pool every morning to practice her new found skills.  Not only has she developed the skills to save her life in the event of an accident but she also learned to respect and enjoy the water which is a great foundation for regular swimming lessons in the future.  We look forward to enjoying the pool with her on weekends now to build on what she's learned and help grow her confidence and excitment for swimming."

Tanja Sima (mother of Andrew, 2 years old): "It was a wonderful experience working with Kara in the Safe Start Program (survival swimming). She has such a warm, happy personality that both children and adults are drawn too. Andrew enjoyed swimming but didn't want to go to his swim lessons. He cried going in the pool and all through his lesson. Then he met Kara and his swim world changed. He was excited about his swim lessons and his crying stopped completely! Thank you Kara for making a difference.The Safe Start Program (survival swimming) is a must. It is a life saving skill that is needed. We had an older son, Aaron who drowned in our family pool when he was 18 months old. We had a private swim instructor that we hoped would ultimately teach him to swim, but we saw it wasn't really what we wanted and stopped. We procrastinated finding what we wanted. Aaron would wear the arm floats and felt safe, but he did not possess the skill or capability to save himself. At 14 months (we started a couple of weeks before), Andrew had the skill and capability to save himself. I only wish I had taken Aaron."

Jenifer Kelley (Zara's mother, almost 2 years old): "SWIM4SURVIVAL is AMAZING!! I also wanted to give my highest recommendations for Kara Bos and her life saving water skills class for babies and toddlers. My 21 month old daughter has learned so much in Kara's class and she is very proud of her newfound ability to flip and float on her back in the water. When she started 4 weeks ago she was comfortable in water but had not taken swimming lessons since she was 6 months old (and that was basically me pulling her from one end of the pool to the other). It is very intense and we got some very concerned looks from some of the adults at the pool in the first few days (be warned the kids do cry!) but the kids now attract an admiring audience of people who are amazed at what these babies can do! Kudos to Kara for being a true pioneer of this teaching style. You won't regret the time or expense of enrolling your child in this class."

Alasdair Adie (father of Eve, 3 years old): "This course absolutely exceeded our expectations. Not only was it fantastic for achieving the survival swimming but it was hugely positive also just for Eve’s general confidence in the water. Kara was a fantastic coach and bonded exceptionally well with Eve. Her gentle, fun but firm approach was excellent for installing confidence and Kara was very sensitive to any fears or anxieties as the course progressed. I noticed that this was the case for the other children being taught before and after our session, not just for Eve. The course is absolutely worth the money and we would recommend it to anyone."